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Safety and Compliance

If you require safe and reliable delivery, our freight company is what you are looking for.

Safety is the core of our company!

Long-haul trucking may sound like a simple job to those who aren’t familiar with the trucking industry. Load up a truck, hop into the cab and head off to your destination; what could be more simple than that? However, the reality of a trucking job is a lot more complex. Very few other jobs require anything near the level of planning, logistics and safety measures that are required for long-haul truck driving.

Our goal at SHIPVIP is to provide our customers with the highest quality, the safest and the most efficient service in the transportation industry. Our goal is to be recognized as the standard bearer of safety and quality by our customers as well as our competitors. All services we provide will be designed to meet or exceed the needs and expectations of our customers.

We realize that speedy and safe transportation is essential in order to stay competitive. Therefore we carefully select and screen our drivers to possess all the necessary training and certifications, as well as follow rest protocols.We adhere to all regulations and we proudly hold the highest safety scores in the industry. We make sure our trucks are regularly serviced in order to stay compliant on the road.

SHIPVIP uses the latest GPS technology in trucking industry, to enable us to adhere to regulatory guidelines and improve our safety profile. We use Samsara Tracking System to produce 100% legal logs, track each truck, and get real-time data that helps us improve safety and compliance. Our satellite tracking allows for remote monitoring of truck’s dashboard, codes, fuel and def level, engine temperature, harsh breaks and turns.

We may access data from our onboard recorders to protect customers from fraudulent claims, reduce fuel waste, assure adherence to FMCSA policies, reward good performance, and improve safety training programs.

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